Many of our products are bought by those who enjoy collecting fine glass art, but this pipe is fully functional as well. This is the water pipe boiled down to its simplest form, and great for use in small groups or individually. The hammer is named for its familiar hammer-like shape, as the bowl section of this pipe contains a chamber for water and a chamber for the tobacco product. Smoking from this pipe allows the smoke to travel past the water, resulting in a cleaner and cooler smoking experience. In addition, this is a beautiful water pipe, but for much less than the larger pipes can cost. All of our glass products are handmade, meaning they are works of art in addition to their functionality. Each hammer takes about an hour and a half to make, but can be yours for a very reasonable price.

A glass water pipe is a must-have piece for any serious smoker. This is the quintessential smoking accessory, and this is the centerpiece of any collection of products. This hammer is handmade, and they come in a number of different styles and colors. Because they are handmade, we insure that your water pipe will be totally unique. The water pipe is designed with a wide mouthpiece, so the smoke can be inhaled effectively, and a water chamber cools the smoke as it exits the pipe. This makes for a clean and cool smoke, coupled with the intensity that the wide mouthpiece allows. This is essentially the perfect accessory for any serious tobacco user. In addition, the hammer is affordable, whereas other styles of water pipe can wind up costing much more. Please browse our quality selection of water pipes today, and pick out the perfect one for you.

Hammers are a combination of the water pipe and the traditional bowl. A bowl can be a great choice, because it is portable, lightweight, and easy to pack and use. A water pipe is always a good choice, because the smoke travels past the water and ensures that the smoker is provided with the best possible experience that he can get. A hammer combines these two ideas and forms a wonderful pipe, that is available to the public at large at a very affordable price. If you have questions or need further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact our employees.

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