Chillum Pipe

A chillum is the perfect pipe for those who simply cannot get enough tobacco. As any heavy user of tobacco products knows, it can get harder and harder to get that sensation of the first hit back. This is why the chillum was developed to allow the user to inhale more smoke at once. A chillum is usually a wide pipe, though ours come in a number of sizes, that allows the user to inhale a little more than the usual amount of smoke. Chillums are very strong, which is why they usually recommended for sharing or social smoking. The chillum is one of the oldest forms of pipe smoking, and it is a ritual in many Eastern Asian cultures. Beautiful carved chillums are used in many religious rituals, and can even put the users into a trance-like state. Of course, these ritual chillums can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars, which is why our company offers them at a much cheaper rate.

Chillums are a must have for any serious collector, but they are popular with smokers as well. For collectors, a chillum can be proudly displayed on a wall or a shelf. They are ritualistic tools, with a rich and incredible history. Many different peoples have used the chillum, or some variation thereof. It has an incredible history, which is why many of those who purchase one are just doing it simply to add to a collection. Now, a chillum would not have gained such a storied reputation if it was not deserved, and the reason that the chillum is so revered is because it offers such an amazing smoke. The pipe is wide, which allows it to hold more tobacco and release more smoke. This gives the smoker a much better and more intense reaction to the smoke, which is the reason that smokers enjoy it so much. Please take a look at our extensive collection of chillums, and feel free to ask us any questions if you require further information.

Chillums are wonderful for multiple reasons. First, they have a rich history, which means they are unique and great conversation starters. They are meant to be shared, because they afford a lot of smoke, even more than a blunt. For this reason, they are not recommended for the beginning smoker, but for someone with more aptitude and experience. They are the perfect sensation, but fair warning is that once you try one, you will have an impossible time smoking anything else. But, really, for most smokers that is not a problem.