Glass Blunt

Many smokers are used to rolling their own tobacco product, and of course all of our products are to be used only with legal smoking tobacco. Those who are used to rolling their own tobacco know that sometimes it is just necessary, especially when sharing, to roll a blunt. The glass blunt supplies this same need for a strong hit of tobacco, but eliminates the tedium of actually rolling the blunt. A glass blunt is an affordable and useful pipe, made especially for social occasions. Simply pack the tobacco into the blunt, and pass it around with your mates. It provides a strong hit, and it is lightweight and easy to share. There is also a sliding glass tube inside the glass blunt, which allows you to slide the ash out while you are smoking. In addition, if the blunt is packed only halfway, it can easily be used to vaporize the tobacco, a great addition to a small and affordable piece.

A glass blunt is the perfect accessory for heavy smokers. As any smoker knows, after smoking for awhile it becomes harder and harder to feel the effects of the tobacco. Many smokers choose to smoke blunts because the tobacco is concentrated, and makes for a heavy smoke. This can be a very enjoyable experience. However, arranging the loose tobacco and rolling it into a blunt can take some time, and this product eliminates such a need. Transporting blunts can be equally difficult, which is why a glass blunt is the perfect addition to any collection. It is easy to pack, and can be passed around to a group of friends without any trouble. It is also easy to store and clean, and is much more sanitary than sharing a paper blunt. In addition, it provides for an incredible smoke, and the opportunity to vaporize the tobacco. There are many more options available with this glass blunt, and it will pay for itself while eliminating the need for rolling paper.

If a bubbler is perfect for a heavy smoker, then a glass blunt is beyond perfect. While there are a number of glass pipes on our site that make great additions to a smoker’s collection, there is perhaps none more so than the glass blunt. Blunts are the best way to smoke, period. They hold the most tobacco and therefore provide the perfect sensation, especially for smokers who have become desensitized to other mechanisms of smoking. However, rolling a blunt can be difficult and time-consuming, and of course when it has been smoked it is harder to handle. The glass blunt eliminates all of these problems.