Hookah Pipes

A hookah is a glass-based instrument used for smoking hookah (a strong type of tobacco), or other legal tobacco products. Hookahs are large and imposing pipes, which is why many people collect them simply for display and not for use. They make a beautiful addition to any Asian-themed room. The hookah is the traditional pipe of India and the Middle East, and it has been around longer than many of the other popular pipes on our website. A hookah is usually fairly tall, with a few tubes stemming from its handblown centerpiece. Even for non-smokers, the hookah can be a beautiful accessory or gift, but it is perfect for smokers as well. The bottom chamber is full of ice and water, and the tobacco is comfortable packed in around the water. This allows for a cool, mellow, but potent smoking experience. Many smokers swear by hookah, and it is surely the prize of any collection.

The great thing about a hookah is that it is different. It is the perfect centerpiece, and has a number of tubes, which allow a few people to smoke at once. A hookah contains a lot of tobacco, but it also has a chamber for ice and water, which makes the smoke smoother and cleaner. It allows for a mellow smoking experience, and one that is generally shared with friends. A hookah has an ancient tradition as a communal smoking centerpiece, and today it continues that tradition. Many people have attended hookah bars, because the smoke is stronger and yet still more mellow than cigarettes. However, having a hookah at home negates the need to go out and spend more money to enjoy this wonderful experience. In addition, it is an impressive piece that certainly will complete any collection and be talked about among groups of friends. It can be one of the more expensive pieces to purchase, to be sure, but it is worth every penny in every way possible.

A hookah can be expensive. There is absolutely no way or reason to sugar coat this. However, if one does the research it becomes clear that some companies are offering hookahs for a reasonable price, and our company is one of those places. In addition, a hookah is worth the higher price, because it is durable, impressive, and provides a great smoking experience. A hookah can be packed with tobacco and ice water, which means a cool smoke, and also one that is simply stronger and better than that which can be gleaned from a regular pipe. Please view our hookah selection today.