Sidecar Pipe

The sidecar is a fun, if oddly shaped, glass or wooden pipe. Water pipes are all the rage of course, because they allow the user to get a fuller smoking experience. The water cools the smoke, making it smoother and more mellow, and removes the harsh bite associated with smoking. The sidecar pipe is a great way to get the traditional water pipe feel without the hefty price of a bong or hookah. The sidecar pipe resembles a traditional pipe, except at the end of the stem there is a second chamber, filled with water. Inhalation draws the smoke past the water, making it cooler, cleaner, and altogether more fun to smoke. Of course, we only sell our products in states where they are legal, to those who promise to use them with legal tobacco products. If this is your case, check out our extensive and affordable selection of tobacco sidecar pipes today.

A glass water pipe is a must-have piece for any serious smoker. This is the quintessential smoking accessory, and this is the centerpiece of any collection of products. A water pipe is designed as part chillum and part glass pipe, and provides a high level of quality smoke to the user. This glass water pipe is handmade, and they come in a number of different styles and colors. Because they are handmade, we insure that your water pipe will be totally unique. The water pipe is designed with a wide mouthpiece, so the smoke can be inhaled effectively, and a water chamber cools the smoke as it exits the pipe. This makes for a clean and cool smoke, coupled with the intensity that the wide mouthpiece allows. This is essentially the perfect accessory for any serious tobacco user. Please browse our quality selection of water pipes today, and pick out the perfect one for you.

Sidecars are the best of both worlds. First, they offer the great smoke that comes from using a water pipe. Because of the water, the smoke comes out in a much cooler and cleaner fashion. This means it is easy to smoke and provides the user with a better experience. Sidecars are cheaper than other larger water pipes, which makes them a smart choice for the occasional pot smoker. In addition, they are styled differently, which ensures that your pipe will stand out among the other pipes that collectors may have.