Glass Bong

A glass bong is much like a water pipe, in that it comes with multiple pieces, and designed with the smoker’s best interests in mind. Smoking is a social activity, and the bong designed so that it can be passed around and shared with a large group. A bong is designed with two parts: the chillum or glass pipe, and the larger pipe into which it is inserted. This design allows the user to fill the larger chamber with water, and the smaller with the tobacco product like CBD Hemp Oil. Doing this allows the smoke to bypass the water chamber on the way to the lungs, meaning the smoke is cooled and more mellow. This is ideal for social smoking situations because it means that each hit is smooth so that the tobacco is just as fresh and smooth as the bong is continually passed around. As with all of our products, we can only sell it for those who will use it with legal tobacco products.

Now, of course, another name for a bong is a water pipe. Bongs are some of the nicest smoking accessories around, and for this reason, we recommend them only for the serious smoker. They also make incredible gifts, because they are thoughtful and will show the other person that the gift buyer truly cares. Bongs are a little more expensive than other types of pipes, but they are well worth the price. Like all of our products, our bongs are glass blown and handmade. This means that each piece is completely unique, ensuring that they will be one of a kind. In addition, a bong contains the chamber for water, which means that the smoke will be smoother. The smoke travels past the water chamber, which mellows it out and makes it smoother and cool and clean. In addition, a bong has a wide mouth, which allows the user to get more of the smoke in one hit. There are many reasons that a bong is a perfect purchase.


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